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Travel to Belgium. Green suitcase on 3d map of the country12-14 November, Val de Targnon, Belgium.

Belgian people are welcoming, kind and opemind. I was invited with my client #MoramiWinery, to a tasting for private people, restaurateurs and journalists. It was a great occasion to see more deeply an unknown country and a market little known.

Belgian people mostly love sparkling wines like Rosè, Prosecco and Red Wine with essential structure. It was a good business, selected and interesting. They are used to taste…and if they like, they are used to buy, immediately! 🙂

I need to do a special mention.

All this it was allowed thanks to a beautiful person: Ann-Michell of T*****, the importer of italian wines Morami (PG), La Bellanotte (GO), Sasso di Sole (SI), Az.Agricola Giovanni Negro & Figli (CN), Azienda Agricola Belfior (MS), Giavi (TV) and other.

It seems easy to organize and think about the hospitality for some stranger guests, but her authentic generosity has allowed an empathy with her and his friends such to seem part of a great family: the location (Chateaux Val de Targnon), the treatment, the food from her other family’s company (T****- Catering), the transfers… (…)

Ann-Michell was able to render a business trip to a sort of business holiday full of beautiful persons, which has given the add-value to this unexpected Belgian welcome. With Compliments.

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